Reality Capture Technology Capabilities

COGNICA offers immersive reality capture of your site at speed, delivering high quality images and point clouds that can be viewed on your browser.

Revolutionary Technology

Insite360,  Powered by NavVis technology, allows you to view and manage web-based immersive site captures from any modern browser, empowering your team to access, assess and interact with your site whenever you need it. Through the utilisation of next-generation reality capture hardware, COGNICA are able to capture survey-grade point clouds that can be leveraged in BIM models and CAD drawings. Whether you are delivering a new project, managing Health & Safety or looking to enhance your Facilities Management, Insite360 can bring your project to life and offer significant efficiencies in managing your estate.

High Speed

COGNICA are able to capture up to 60,000sqm per day with our technology. A 1/4 of the time by traditional methods

Quality Data

Point clouds capture with a density of 5mm and 1cm accuracy. Perfect for refurbs, planning and site management

Flexible & Reliable

We provide instant access via modern browsers, eliminating the need for high-end equipment or costly licence keys


Available to multiple teams and departments for various uses, without affecting the work of others

Why use Reality Capture

Simply put, it captures the built world with unobstructed 360-degree images for realistic virtual walkthroughs and provides fully immersive 3D images of buildings. This is next generation technology for the build environment providing accurate mobile mapping for indoor spaces and outdoor areas. There are multiple benefits to using this technology:

    Additional Benefits

    We've mentioned some of the benefits but nothing quite beats some key facts:

    • 20% Decrease in project Execution time
    • 15% Increase in Adoption of Best Practice
    • 40% Decrease in Travel Expenses
    • 70% Decrease in Planning Errors
    • 75% Decrease in Site Downtime 

    Overall, it is 10x faster to use our technology over traditional laser point scans. If you want evidence check out our partners video.

    Welcome to the Revolution

    Imagine combining all your documentation and visualisations to digitilise your entire Estate. That is what COGNICA can do for you.

    Your information, our innovation, digital transformation


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    The team at COGNICA who worked on the project were always very helpful when it came to any issues and queries that I had. No query was too small and they have been patient throughout the project and everything has been completed with the upmost urgency

    Site Manager, St. Gabriels College, Kier

    COGNICA's quality management system is accredited to ISO 9001, providing our clients with complete confidence in the reliability of our products and solutions. COGNICA also hold many accreditations for working in multiple industries for our customers

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