Insite360 Laser Reality Capture Surveying

COGNICA provide reality capture SLAM laser surveying services for your buildings, utilities and external sites using hi-speed mobile mapping NavVis VLX LIDAR & photogrammetry systems with survey-grade accuracy, dense colour point clouds and high definition images, hosted centrally in our Insite360 cloud web app.

Your virtual site

Insite360 is our cloud web app through which you can explore a digital, virtual reality capture of your buildings, site and estates – both internally and externally. Powered by NavVis reality capture technology, COGNICA’s Insite360 service uses survey-grade, mobile, laser scanning hardware resulting in up to 10x faster scan time on site, saving you time, budget and disruption to your operations. Available 24/7/365, Insite360 hosts all your scans in one central portal, supporting you with design planning, building marketing, facilities management, training, risk assessments, access planning, condition assessments, integrating O&M documentation, take measurements, export point clouds into external design tools such as REVIT etc. Insite360 can bring your project to life, enhancing the experience and efficiency of managing your estate.

High Speed

Scanning with the VLX is 10x faster than using a TLS (Traditional Laser Scanner). Capable of capturing 50,000sqm in a day. Fast processing speed allows sites to be made available in minimal time following scan completion.

Survey-Grade Data

Millimetre density point clouds with centimetre accuracy photogrammetry, perfect for refurbs, early design planning and site management. Export the full or partial point cloud data of any location on your virtual site. Choose from a variety of formats (including .rcs, .pod) and use in external design applications e.g. Revit.

    Accessible and Intuitive

    Insite360 is a platform agnostic web app, available 24/7/365, with secure access for authorised users, and a clear easy to use interface, enabling users to explore their physical sites remotely, saving travel time, costs and reducing carbon emissions.

    Asset Tagging POI

    Tag and place POI pins on any asset or location on your virtual site, and embed rich content in the POI card (e.g. links, videos, documents, custom html).

    Remote access to your estate

    Use Insite360 to manage and navigate your sites remotely, with immersive 360° HD full colour images, route markers, distance and dimension features, POI pins with rich embedded content and more. Fewer physical trips to sites results in saving time, cost, and risks, helping to reducing your carbon footprint. Remotely train all teams on site safety via virtual meetings. Incorporate risk mitigation strategies in POIs along with maintenance documentation, training videos and more. Take accurate measurements of the virtual site avoiding costly repeat travel to site. Plan for plant vehicles to visit the site ensuring safe passage throughout.

    Crop and Download Point Clouds

    Insite360 enables the user to download the full or partial point cloud of any area of the virtual site, in various file formats (e.g. .rcs, .pod and more), preserving full original resolution and precision, for use in other design software. Insite360 can also import and host your pre-existing scans to merge with your sites to create a seamless unified virtual site experience in Insite360.

    Scan to BIM

    Where fixed ground control points are in place on a site that is scanned, with our survey-grade accuracy and a millimetre-dense RGB-coloured point cloud, the full or partial point cloud can be exported (e.g. .rcs, .pod and more) to be used in external design software packages including Revit, as part of your BIM journey. This can support your BIM project to compare as-built with as-designed, spot differences visually, verify measurements remotely, collaborate with stakeholders online etc. Also, the laser point cloud can be exported and used in PointCloud software such as Leica Cyclone 3DR Viewer, Cloud Compare, AVEVA, Prevu3D, PTC, Cintoo etc.

    Asset tagging (POI)

    With the ability place Points Of Interest (POI) pins to tag any asset or key location, Insite360 provides users with simple to use features to supplement them with rich information such as a product data sheets, links to DMS or CAFM systems, upload documents or images, add text, embed custom html to display external content, highlight faults or maintenance requirements, add training materials and much more.

    Scan image used for measurements

    Mark and Measure

    Taking measurements in any plane is simple. With the ability to tag the virtual model and mark measurements anywhere on the site, to an accuracy of 1cm, it reduces the need for unnecessary visits in-person helping reduce your carbon footprint in the process. Inbuilt measuring tools in Insite360 provide users with the precision they need to plan refits, refurbishments or general site works with centimetre-accuracy. Save, share, and annotate measurements to collaborate with team members, increasing visibility on the project.

    Development Planning

    Following a reality capture scan of your building, add POI pins to link to an external FM system linking the visual scan to maintenance records, supporting future works. With a clear 3D navigable visualisation of site layout and assets, stakeholders can engage with ease, maximising clarity, collaboration overall efficiency of development projects.

    Scan showing route finder

    Scan for Virtual Tours

    Reality capture is an excellent solution to create a virtual tour for exhibition venues, tourist attractions, museums, hotels, etc. With a high quality immersive 3D digital representation along with tagging any location with Point of Interest (POI) pin markers offering in depth rich information to the viewer. Insite360 includes options to embed publicly accessible anonymous access reality capture scans of your venue, ideally for embedding in your website and marketing campaigns.

    Working towards a Carbon Neutral approach to business

    Scan to Reduce Carbon Footprint

    As part of striving towards a Carbon Neutral approach to business, by creating a reality capture scan of your buildings or site with Insite360, you can reduce significant number of journeys to travel to site across all stakeholders. Need to measure an area again, just login to Insite360 and take the measurement in seconds. Need to check a delivery lorry will have safe access, simply use Insite360 to check the route across the site and share images with stakeholders. After a single scan day, multiple members of multiple teams can access and interact with the virtual model saving significant travel time, expense and reducing carbon. Furthermore, as buildings or sites change, it only requires a rapid scan of just the changed area. Insite360 can simply import the new scan area to integrate and merge with the existing main scanned site creating a seamless updated experience for your teams.

    With the structure and set up of the O&M delivery teams and the accessible interaction in resolving and completing tasks in a positive friendly manner, I would recommend COGNICA as an O&M provider.

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    Providing clients with complete confidence

    COGNICA’s quality management systems provide our clients with complete confidence in the reliability of our products and solutions and is a registered member of the ICO for Data Protection under reference ZA751681.


    COGNICA hold a number of active quality certifications including ISO 9001 certification for collation and delivery of information (DNV), ISO 14001 for its Environmental Management System (DNV), ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety System (DNV), ISO 19650-2 for BIM Level 2 delivery (BSI). In addition, COGNICA hold further accreditations in Builder’s Profile Premium, Constructionline Gold, Achilles UVDB Silver, Acclaim (SSIP scheme), IHEEM affiliate and CSCS cards for construction site safety.

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