Lifecycle Management Solutions

An all-in-one package to deliver unparalleled control over your site or estate

What is Lifecycle Management?

Lifecycle Management is about the life of a building, from concept through to end of life. It focuses on BIM Level 3 best practice and supports the maintenance, the re-design, development or even sale of a building or site. Even if completing a demolition to either re-build or to return to nature the documentation needs to be in order to perform the tasks.

One Source of the Truth

Combining all the relevant information into one easy to use solution, ensuring an audit trail, transparency and flexibility


Using the latest technology and integrating with current systems, creating a sustainable future 

Complete Management

From one building to your entire estate, manage them in one place with a document controlled environment

Best Practice

With the ever-changing landscape with regulations and best practice, you can be at the forefront of it all

Invigorate your business with Lifecycle Management

As you can see from the diagram to the right, this process is designed to benefit the entirety of your business. Cognica provide all the services from Operation & Maintenance Manual collation and delivery to digitalising entire estates. We can combine all these into one Lifecycle Management solution, fit for our customer's needs. We offer a step-by-step process to programme manage change and implementation. You will only get what you actually want and there are many benefits to this:

  • Multiple systems in one solution
  • One Source of the Truth
  • Easy user interface
  • Specific to your needs and wants
  • Reducing cost across your business whilst increasing Health & Safety and reducing your Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce lost time on administrative burdens

Improving your digital environment has a lot of benefits with just a few named above. It can support simplifying your business processes, speeding up work flows and have less touch points to a site reducing cost overall, it can even be utilised for Predictive Maintenance.

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Cognica’s quality management system is accredited to ISO 9001, providing our clients with complete confidence in the reliability of our products and solutions. Cognica also hold many accreditations for working in multiple industries for our customers

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