Insite360 Powered by NavVis IndoorViewer, allows you to visualise your estate through your browser.

Insite360, powered by NavVis IndoorViewer, allows you to visualise your estate through your browser. Utilising a combination of high resolution 360° panoramic photos and laser-accurate point cloud technology, Insite360 presents your data in an intuitive and visually accessible solution.

Insite360 is designed to capture and host data significantly faster than other technology and will give multiple stakeholders the opportunity to view appropriate sites in a navigable, photographic environment, accessible via the Cloud through any modern desktop browser. The platform allows access to a high quality 360° digital image, an underlying Point Cloud scan for taking accurate measurements, as well as additional access to key information through user-defined Points of Interest.

Whether you are delivering a new education campus, hospital building or a fit-out project, Insite360 brings your project to life and offers clear benefits for both you and your clients

Benefits for you:

  • Superior delivery options
  • Evidence of condition of building
  • Support your BIM Model
  • Enhanced aftercare solution
  • Aid design and cost analysis
  • Provide Fit-out visualisation

Provide your Clients with the tools to:

  • View a visual representation of the building, with walk-though functionality
  • Remotely pinpoint and locate Points of Interest(POI), including rooms and assets
  • Link to Document Management or Asset Management systems through referencing
  • Familiarise visitors and homeowners with the site, building or property
  • Aid Facilities Management Teams, save maintenance costs and travel time

Cognica’s quality management system is accredited to ISO 9001, providing our clients with complete confidence in the reliability of our products and solutions.


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