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What is a Document Management System (DMS)

A DMS is a facility to store documentation. In the modern era this is in an online platform, not the shelves in a basement gathering dust. Project Documents are vital to the life of the building and are updated when any works take place, or rather they should be. If kept up-to-date improves Health & Safety, time & cost efficiency, and simplifies reviewing installed assets to make better decisions.


One location, holding all data on your building or estate, compliant to standards


Available to multiple stakeholders to update as and when, accessible from any device and anywhere


Continuous management of documents, cloud-based technology, easily adaptable to changes in Standards


Easily integrated to other systems to support data enrichment for better decision making

Experts in building, managing and maintaining online solutions

With the technological advancements in today's working practices, it is more and more apparent how redundant paper copies or inflexible digital copies of handover documentation are managed. In line with BIM level 3 practices and beginning a Lifecycle management journey having a readily available living solution which can be updated by stakeholders at any time is the preferred path to take. COGNICA offers multiple solutions working within customer document management systems or consulting to design & build a solution for them that best fits the business.

  • One source of the truth
  • Collaboration, compliance and best practices
  • Accessibility on any device and flexibility to update
  • Sustainable management of assets and estates
  • Integration with multiple systems such as CAFM, SAP or SharePoint

Unlike alternative solution providers, we offer to work within your platforms and systems so you are in control of your own data. We offer hosting but we see this a temporary solution for our customers.

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"The Golden Thread"

In the UK, after the Grenfell disaster, regulations have been updated to reflect future proofing buildings to save lives and to ensure better quality of Health & Safety Management. Regulation 38 known better as "The Golden Thread" and the Building Regulations are due to be enforced later in 2021. The Government has issued an outline and with this they expect companies to make changes prior to the regulations being enforced.

The Government has stated that the new bill is going to add significant costs to the industry. They have estimated between £266-£530 million per annum will need to be invested or costed for. An individual building is predicted to be between £42k-£54k for BIM Level 2, laser scans around £30k and then in addition there will also be an increase in administration.

We offer multiple solutions from minimum requirements to utilising Reality Capture technology to support our customers on this journey. All solutions reduce the cost of investment and ease our customers' minds for this major change in management:

As far as my team are concerned, everything provided by COGNICA was excellent and in my view the COGNICA service both increased comprehensiveness and clarity, and saved time and effort. One can't ask for better than this, and it's great that we have the next project underway already.

Dr. R.J. Newell / Newell Projects Ltd

COGNICA's quality management system is accredited to ISO 9001, providing our clients with complete confidence in the reliability of our products and solutions. COGNICA also hold many accreditations for working in multiple industries for our customers

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Overcoming challenges to achieve a successful project handover for the University of Lincoln, UK 

University and Campus Documentation

During a construction project for the University of Lincoln, Caddick Construction Ltd contracted COGNICA, an RSK company, to collate an operation and maintenance manual and a technically authored, Regulation 38 fire strategy document


Innovation and Carbon Reduction using Reality Capture

Reality Capture of Water Treatment Works

To ascertain the potential benefits of using 3D point cloud​ technology to map its treatment plants, Welsh Water​ sought the specialist advice of RSK Company, COGNICA.


Improving document storage and access for Anglia Ruskin University

University and Campus Documentation

Anglia Ruskin University contracted COGNICA to convert and compile the documentation for several buildings into a standard electronic format, leading to a fruitful and successful partnership.


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