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From Operation & Maintenance documentation to Digital Twin Technology, we are here to support our Customers' journeys on their digital transformation aspirations

What can we help you with

Here at Cognica, we offer a wide variety of solutions covering Operation & Maintenance Manuals and additional documentation. Legacy Digitisation; taking all those unstructured electronic or hard-copy manuals and digitising them for our Customers', through to Digital Twin solutions. We can consult on how to integrate multiple systems and design and deliver into one solution, giving you one source of the truth and supporting a complete lifecycle management solution that is right for you

Operation & Maintenance Manuals

For the efficient collection, collation and delivery of all information to do with your project


Document Management Systems

Sustainable solutions built to fit your needs, flexibility to change, simplify processes and to have one source of the truth


Digital Twin Technology Capabilities

"Manage your site remotely" - interact and tag a realistic online copy of your building, improving efficiency and vision on projects.


Our Products & Services

We offer multiple Products and Services to suit all our customer needs and requirements. We offer Operation & Maintenance Manuals and all supporting Technical Documentation, Document Management Solutions and Digital Twin Technology, all with Consultancy to ensure your business receives what it needs

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Keep it simple

Our expertise and passion for making our Customers' lives easier is at the heart of what we do. To keep it simple, here's a short video as an overview of our services. The only question you need to ask, can we help make your life easier?

Adding more value with RSK

As Cognica became an RSK Group company, we can now offer even more solutions from consultancy to land surveys, principal designers to engineers.

Please check out the video to see an overview of the Group

If you have any of these requirements or want to check if we can provide a solution then just ask and we will ensure you speak to the right person

Cognica's performance throughout was excellent. Requests responded to by return. Final delivery of manuals as promised

Design Manager, Fleet Services, Galliford Try

Cognica’s quality management system is accredited to ISO 9001, providing our clients with complete confidence in the reliability of our products and solutions. Cognica also hold many accreditations for working in multiple industries for our customers

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