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O&M Manuals – COGNICA


The O&M Manual (operation and maintenance manual), contains all the relevant information required for Facilities Managers to operate and maintain a building.

An O&M Manual will typically include information collated from the contractor, the designers, subcontractors, suppliers and the principal designer.

It is a requirement that is generally defined in the preliminaries section of the tender documentation where the structure and contents will be described. A draft version of the document is usually provided for the client to review, followed by an updated version as part of the handover procedure. The final document is not usually available in its completed form until after practical completion, as commissioning information may only take place after occupation.

The O&M Manual should include all the relevant information relating to the structure and its installed plant and equipment, such as:

  • As-built drawings and specifications.
  • Instructions for its operation and maintenance (including health and safety information and manufacturers’ instructions for efficient and proper operation).
  • Commissioning and testing results.
  • Guarantees, warranties and certificates.
  • Specific maintenance & cleaning procedures

COGNICA manages the collection, collation and delivery of the documents, creating the O&M Manual and ensures that the manual is complete, delivered on time and fit for purpose.

COGNICA offers both an Electronic O&M Manual and the capability to deliver the manual into a clients preferred choice of Document Management System.

COGNICA’s Electronic O&M Manual can offer:

  • An intuitive system that is simple to use suiting users at all levels of IT literacy.
  • A Powerful navigation tool allows essential information to be quickly retrieved, reducing response times & ongoing maintenance costs.
  • An exact copy of documentation as at completion, simplifying access for the main contractor
  • Reduction of paper to store, and reduced cost of warranty work.