28 Sep 2022

Why is NaviDoc® the ideal O&M manual for your building?

NaviDOC O&M manual v6

What is NaviDoc®?

NaviDoc® is an digital standalone browser-based Building Manual which includes the Health & Safety file, O&M Manual, M&E Manual, Technical Authoring, and other handover information. It is a user friendly, navigable delivery format that meets the client requirements to provide a digital Building Manual as presented at the handover of the building.

How Does it Work?

The NaviDoc® Manual allows users to view information via a navigational system comprising several views. The manual title and content version are indicated on the Site Home page which can be accessed at any time through the link on the menu bar.

Documents are categorised by type and accessed first via the links on the left-hand menu. This allows the user to locate the appropriate documents before launching them in the right-hand panel of the viewer.

We know that no two projects are ever exactly alike, which is why our standard O&M template views and categories can be configured to meet the needs of any specific client requirements. The standard document file type delivered is .pdf, to allow most users to view with ease.

COGNICA’s typical template views include:

  • O&M Manual - Categorised by Work Package* and contains all the relevant information relating to the structure, its plant and equipment.
  • Drawings - As-built drawings arranged by discipline and supplier
  • Building Log Book - CIBSE TM31 compliant building log book
  • BREEAM User Guide - A standalone, simple document written for a non-technical building manager (FM) to comply with BRE requirements
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance - A schedule created by extracting details from the supplier’s documentation.

*Information held under the Work Packages will be further split into sections to allow easier navigation to the documentation required.

What are the benefits?

1. Standardised project handover

Our solution, based on proven use cases, delivers a set of compliant digital operation and maintenance manuals. Increase your compliance at handover with a structure tailored to the Employer’s Requirements with reduced complications at the end of the project.

2. Digital by default

Maintain the golden thread of building information and ensure the original design requirement and any changes to the building are captured and used to support safety improvements.

3. Reduce aftercare calls

Provide your client with an accurate, searchable, and high-quality set of digital O&Ms. This provides facility managers and maintenance contractors with full visibility and an understanding of the asset so they can manage upkeep.

4. Visibility

Easy and user-friendly browser-based manual, tailored to client’s requirements.

5. Search

Search for a specific document or work package with the simple and easy ‘Search’ function located within NaviDoc®.

How is it distributed?

All digital NaviDoc® manuals at "final delivery" are issued via 2 mediums. Firstly, we issue a copy of the digital manual via a secure file sharing service to distribute easily and securely to all applicable stake holders. Depending on your IT security policies, we can offer distribution various secure file sharing services. COGNICA always advise downloading and storing the O&M Manual onto a central server so it can be accessed at any point within your own company. The second delivery method for the digital NaviDoc® manual is via USB memory stick. A simple 1-page guide accompanies your delivery advising how to download and operate your NaviDoc® manual, distribute copies, or transfer information from the USB memory stick. Alternatively, COGNICA are on hand to assist with any queries you may have on your digital NaviDoc® O&M manual delivery. You can always request additional copies should you need to.

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