31 Mar 2023

Technical Authoring Service Tiers - Gold, Silver & Bronze

Our Technical Authoring Services are now offered in a range of service tiers, many of our documents being offered at Bronze, Silver or Gold level. The three tiers have been introduced so that we can increase the range of documents available to our customers, to better suit their needs and budgets, without compromising on the quality of the documents that they receive.

It is not possible to offer all documents at all levels, for example:

  • Asset Register can be purchased at either Silver or Gold, offered with or without maintenance options.

Building Logbooks are a legal requirement in new buildings and in existing buildings where services are changed. Our logbook follows the industry standard CIBSE TM-31 template which provides information on the services within the building. In this case our service level reflects the amount of chasing of subcontractors and verification of information that is done on the client’s behalf without compromising the content of the document.

Building User Guides are aimed at building occupants and management, providing a non-technical review of the building and its service systems. examples:

  • Bronze level is the simplest guide, covering the essential details
  • Silver level contains information for both Staff and Visitors
  • Gold contains all of the information required for BREEAM and SKA, and includes two additional reviews incorporating client comments and feedback.

The Home User Guide (HUG) is a document that introduces the new homeowner of the features and systems installed in their house. This also provides advice to the owner on how to operate and care for their home in the most energy efficient manner. Individual guides for each apartment are delivered on either a memory stick or paper manual (or both) so that they can be handed over to the Tenant / Homeowner. At Bronze level each unit will receive a guide which is non-property specific and covers all of the fixtures and fittings within the development, whereas at Gold level each Home User Guide is individually tailored to the apartment.

As part of our O&M service, we routinely provide Fire Safety content separation in the O&M manual to ensure all the relevant fire safety information is separated out into its own clear and convenient section. Our team will discuss your requirements in full and explain about our Fire Safety content - O&M separation service.

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