2 Sep 2022

Scanning at speed - 10x faster reality capture for your building or site

COGNICA have been a long term NavVis partner, and were the first UK owner of the NavVis VLX, a mobile mapping system that captures photogrammetry and Point Clouds, optimised for capturing the as-built environment. NavVis were chosen by COGNICA as their preferred technology as it allows for scanning at speed whilst maintaining the required industry level accuracy. COGNICA’s aim when scanning is to limit disruption on site by capturing large areas in a short period of time. The VLX has proven itself as the perfect equipment for this as it has excellent manoeuvrability, sharp high definition photogrammetry, and produces a highly accurate Point Cloud that can be used for planning and design.

NavVis have carried out tests using the VLX in comparison with Traditional Laser Scanners (TLS) and on average VLX scans are 10 times faster. The test compared the VLX against a TLS device over approximately 500sqm with 21 Control Points. The VLX took 25 minutes to capture this area and the TLS took 5 hours 30 minutes to capture the same location.

COGNICA’s own scanning experience has supported these findings. In the example shown in the video an area of approximately 400 sqm was captured in 10 minutes without Control Points.

COGNICA have regularly proven the speed of the NavVis VLX, scanning several sewage treatment water works ranging from 1,000 to 95,000 sqm. Operating as a two-man team, sites of around 15,000 sqm were captured in under three hours, this included scanning on structures with accessible stairwells such as Activated Sludge Plants and Sand Filters. Our scanning services are regularly utilised in office buildings and surrounding areas, education and tourism buildings, building repurposing pre-design, commercial building marketing, along with clean and wastewater processing sites.

Once back in the office and with the use of NavVis Cloud Processing, several site scans could be processed over night allowing the team to stitch and quality check the work the next day. Sites of less than 15,000 sqm were regularly released to the client via COGNICA’s Insite360 platform in less than two working days of the site teams return.

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