27 Jan 2023

O&Ms for Water Treatment Sites

Drinking Water

COGNICA started life 25 years ago to fulfil a specific need for providing an Operation & Maintenance manual service for water utilities and we are proud that this service continues to this day. Over the past 25 years we have worked with Severn Trent Water, Bristol Water, Scottish Water, Anglian Water, Thames Water, Southern Water and United Utilities providing both an O&M collation and a more specific Technical Authoring service for our clients.

With our fully managed O&M service, COGNICA use our online collation tool to setup the structure for each project according to the client requirements. COGNICA then contact, chase, and quality check the documentation provided prior to delivery. Our systems allow us to set up standardised projects which benefits the project team and client, resulting in less time spent training on the system, speedier task resolution, easier review and gap analysis and a uniformity of end delivery.

Since 1998 COGNICA have supported Severn Trent by managing the collation and publication of digital O&M documentation for clean and wastewater sites, delivered into their web / DB application, NaviGo. Severn Trent Water operate an asset-based O&M, with information collated according to their specification at 3 levels – site, location, and asset.

Our systems and COGNICA’s fully managed O&M service allow us to easily scale the work to suit any size or type of project and we currently work on a broad scope of AMP projects ranging from brand new site creations and large infrastructure projects down to single asset renewals.

COGNICA currently host 2934 Severn Trent sites with O&M Manuals totalling approximately 300,000 documents.

The flexibility of our system and end delivery coupled with our experienced staff mean that COGNICA continue to provide an industry leading O&M and TA service to our water clients.

Further information regarding our work with Severn Trent can be found here > https://www.cognica.com/uploads/downloads/COGNICA%...