9 Oct 2023

O&Ms for Water Utility

Operating and Maintenance Manuals (O&Ms) form specific documented requirements used in the UK water sector. O&M provided for both Water Treatment Works and Wastewater Treatment Works.

A range of O&M required for a variety of structures and installed plant equipment. Typical applications may include manuals for new or replacement pumps, filter plant or chemical dosing facilities and wastewater treatment sites. Each manual describes a specific site of operation and details the installation or upgraded equipment works at that location; works that may have been carried out as part of the Water Company’s investment and modernisation programme.

Each operating company may use a unique template format generated over many years for their own internal use. COGNICA are experienced at fulfilling the needs of various water companies, providing the information they need in the format they require and within a timescale that meets their needs. All O&M manuals, user guides or other technical documents can be generated to meet any operating company’s project handover requirements.

A dedicated team of COGNICA Technical Authors are on hand to assist clients with their documentation needs. Our authors have in excess of 20 years’ experience of providing O&M documentation for a range of constructions and project installations within the water sector, and other general construction schemes across the UK.

COGNICA are one of the UK’s leading providers of digital information storage and document collation within the Water and Construction sectors. Now having recently joined with the RSK Group, COGNICA enjoy the backing and expertise of one of the UK’s leading engineering consultancies.

We in COGNICA can provide you with a seamless experience of dealing with a leading technical author, whilst also providing you with a single main point of contact and responsibility, backed up by a supporting project team giving regular consultation, correspondence and service.

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