13 Feb 2023

O&Ms for Residential

New changes to Building and Fire Safety (England) Regulations have come into force with more expected later in the year. The main changes this month will affect both existing and new-build multi-occupied residential buildings within England over 18 metres/7 storeys. O&M and H&S File documents are vital to the life of a building and are updated when any works take place, or rather they should be. If kept up to date, improves health and safety, time & cost efficiency, and simplifies reviewing installed assets to make better decisions.

A common problem our residential clients come to us with, is their property portfolio documentation is provided in different formats, stored in various locations, and can’t be updated. COGNICA can support you with a future proof solution, by creating a Document Management System (DMS) in SharePoint365 based on best practice design or specific requirements. Converting legacy information and digitising your estate documentation helps ensure all your O&M, Reg38 and H&S information is immediately accessible, up to date and compliant at any time.

Once an agreed format and structure has been created, for new build, refurbishment, or fit-out projects, COGNICA will work with the client &/or appointed main contractor to collate the O&M and H&S documentation to the required structure and specification and deliver it into the SharePoint platform.

COGNICA have been supporting our customers for 25 years, delivering electronic standardised and centralised O&M Manuals and H&S documentation for both new build and legacy projects. We can also produce a range of technically authored documents to ensure efficient operation and maintenance of the building by owners, FM teams, leaseholders, and tenants, including Building User Guides, Home User Guides, Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules, and Regulation 38 Fire Safety Packs.

Reasons why SharePoint365 is a popular choice for businesses to manage their data >>

  • Golden Thread – reviewable, updateable and can be shared with key stakeholders
  • Cloud Hosted – accessible from any device in any location. Downloadable
  • Version Control – store revisions of documentation and call back earlier revisions
  • Content Search – speeds up finding the relevant documentation for your search
  • Secure – relevant account to the user. Password protected. Can have 2-factor identification
  • User Control – add users as Viewer or Editor depending on their role
  • Own your data – no 3rd party hosting fees to pay to access and update your data

As part of the RSK Group, we can now offer a one stop shop for a wide range of services to support the residential sector. Here at COGNICA we have all the expertise for all things buildings and estates, but we can offer further consultancy for environmental, fire safety, planning and design from within our group. If you have anything that you need, it's worth asking us first as we will be able to locate the right people for your requirements easily, efficiently, and effectively.

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