22 Mar 2023

O&Ms for Airports

COGNICA have been supporting our clients within the Aviation sector to identify best practice to manage their new build and legacy building information.

Following COGNICAs engagement through the main contractor to collate and manage the operation and maintenance manual on two new build projects at Bristol Airport, we then entered into discussions with the airport directly to design them a structure for a document management system to meet their requirements to manage their estate. Having a significant amount of legacy information in different formats and structures made it increasingly difficult for their infrastructure team to access the important building information when needed.

The airport wanted to centralise their information into an easily accessible, updateable and searchable document management system and identified a list of priority projects. COGNICA then restructured the original collation of the O&M manual, adding additional metadata tags so each document could be organised, filtered and searched within SharePoint.

The introduction of SharePoint 365 to structure and store their manuals allows the airport to operate with confidence as the building develops through its lifecycle. The SharePoint and standardised O&M concept allows airport staff to identify key information in a timelier manner. It also enables gap analysis on legacy schemes to take place, so that the airport can identify missing information before hitting a crisis event where this information would be key.

Since joining RSK Group in 2020, COGNICA can now provide more insight and services to the Aviation sector than ever before!