3 Jun 2021

COGNICA complete another external laser point-cloud reality capture scan with Insite360

Utilising market-leading technology, COGNICA delivered laser point cloud reality capture of another external site

As a proud operator of the NavVis VLX, COGNICA , part of RSK Group, are now better equipped to scan large, complex spaces at a higher speed and with greater accuracy than ever before. With this in mind, COGNICA undertook the task of providing a scan of the externals of the WRc site, the WRc Engineering Facility, their Flush Tunnel facility, and the outdoor areas that link these spaces. Our goal was to provide, a fully realised digital walkthrough of the entire site, viewable by site maintenance teams, visitors or other interested parties. Planning to scan with the NavVis VLX was simple: assess the layout of the site to determine the optimal route for maximum coverage, liaise with WRc Maintenance Teams to guarantee that work was safe to be performed in any potentially hazardous areas and, finally, assess weather conditions and prepare to adjust scanning times in the event of inclement weather.

The conditions for scanning were excellent, resulting in the capture of ~35,000sqm in approximately 2 hours. Our operators were not impacted by, nor had an impact upon standard operations, allowing site maintenance teams to proceed unhindered whilst COGNICA were focused on delivering a comprehensive scan of all key areas of the WRc site. Following the capture of the site, the scan was processed and delivered; WRc staff immediately had access to measurement taking, POI tagging and more, all from any internet-enabled device via their browser. For COGNICA , we were thrilled to deliver a comprehensive scan of our home site that can be updated and modified over time as site changes take place, giving maintenance teams the tools they need to plan and action site works now and into the future.

COGNICA ’s reality capture offerings are part of the Insite360 solution, powered by NavVis technology, offering high resolution RGB-coloured laser scanned point clouds, POI tagging, precision measurements, way-finding, links to external document management systems and sensor streams, all from your browser.

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