13 Apr 2023

How Insite360 can fast track the sale of your buildings

Marketing properties/sites to clients can be challenging due to a number of factors, but at COGNICA we have been helping to navigate these issues by providing a solution that enable clients to view, design and plan the building without the need to visit the site.

Insite360 provides you with a virtual walkthrough of your building/site where you are able to visualise your building through a browser, toggling between 360° panoramic images and an RGB point cloud. Our goal is to provide a viewing solution to demo sites to potential investors/clients, whilst also giving the tools needed to plan development works.

Within Insite360 you also have access to a variety of tools making it more interactive. You can add in Points of Interest (POIs), take cm-accurate measurements, tag assets, export the point cloud to design modelling software such as REVIT as well as wayfinding and aerial site maps, all of which help in planning and designing of the property.

All of this means you can remotely explore your building/sites without having to travel, this is of particular value when looking to sell property as you can increase your viewings through remote access. The ability to share the scan also allows for planning and design work to happen remotely, increasing collaboration between teams, saving time and money and most importantly the environment.

Potential foreign investors can explore the investment property through Insite360 allowing them to make important decisions without the need to travel to view the property in person. This significantly saves travel costs and contributes to carbon net zero plans.