9 Aug 2022

How do COGNICA work with multiple CDE systems?

What is a CDE system?

A CDE is a digital information platform that centralizes project data storage and access, typically related to a construction project and building information modelling (BIM) workflows. The benefit of using a common data environment (or CDE) is that all project stakeholders have access to the same secure portal, allowing them to collaborate on BIM models, drawings, and documents as well as digitising internal processes and tracking cost and programme.

How can COGNICA help?

COGNICA has over 24 years of experience in the management of data and asset documentation for the utilities and construction industry. Specialising in the collation, organisation, and delivery of O&M Manuals, M&E, adhering to BIM, BREEAM & Technical Authoring standards, we have the necessary expertise and experience to support our customers with building handover information.

Not only do our systems include the advantage of publishing to an array of output formats including SharePoint, 3rd party cloud, PrintReady PDF, NaviDoc and many more but our dedicated project teams also have the knowledge and experience of working in multiple CDE systems such as, but not limited to:

  • Procore
  • Asite
  • Aconex
  • Viewpoint 4
  • Dalux
  • Conject
  • Our own Matrix system
  • and more…

Our COGNICA team can integrate with your CDE by two key methods:

  1. Receive files directly from the various sources, collate into O&M format, and upload directly into your CDE
  2. Extract files directly from your CDE, collate further into O&M format and publish to your preferred format and back into your CDE.

Each method includes full cleansing, organising, supplementing with additional Technical Authoring, project tracking and support.

Due to our extensive experience in working on multiple CDE systems, prior to commencing work on a project, we have a library of Process Flows on the various systems which are tailored and shared with our clients in order to ensure the process runs smoothly prior to starting the project.

The key benefits of choosing COGNICA:

  • Working with the document controller aids the understanding of all parties from early in the project
  • Reduces the impact on the Critical Path ensuring results are achieved at the end of the scheme
  • Majority of documents are approved in the CDE system during design stage, leading to a reduction in duplicated tasks
  • A CDE system aids in monitoring and progress tracking of the manual
  • Transfer of approved information from a CDE system saves cost and aids in more accurate reporting at the agreed milestones dates
  • Subcontractors & Consultants upload documentation directly into the CDE system
  • Client/End Client can approve the documentation in the CDE system instead of multiple sources
  • Final O&M delivery can be held in the CDE system upon completion
  • Deliveries are on time which leads to a happy End Client

This valuable service is one of the many offers which COGNICA can assist with to ensure we save our customers time and effort but still use your own CDE system.

To find out how we can support your O&M and Technical Authoring projects whilst integrating with your CDE, click here to get in touch with us: Contact Us