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During a construction project for the University of Lincoln, Caddick Construction Ltd contracted COGNICA, an RSK company, to collate an operation and maintenance manual and a technically authored, Regulation 38 fire strategy document.

Project Requirements

COGNICA was hired for the job because of a recommendation and its industry reputation. Caddick Construction, a Caddick Group subsidiary, delivers high-quality new builds, refurbishments and civil construction projects. It has been in operation since 1979 and has won many awards, including at the Yorkshire Property Awards in 2020. 

As the previous contractor unexpectedly went into administration, Caddick Construction was appointed to finish the project while keeping to the initial delivery scope: two new student accommodation blocks. This led to tight turnarounds at every stage of the project, including the handover documentation, as it had to finish before the start of the new academic year. Caddick took over this project in February 2020 and finished on time and to specification in October 2020. The project was made even harder because the pandemic sweeping the world resulted in the company having to adopt new codes of practice for working safely on-site. The construction teams completed the two eight-storey buildings, thereby providing 302 student apartments, each with shared kitchen, lounge and bathroom facilities, for students in the 2020/21 academic year. The ground floors included high-quality teaching space for the university. The development also delivered a new pedestrian route between the High Street and Brayford Wharf East to make the city centre more accessible.

High Tech Digital Information

The Pilot Project

COGNICA worked on the digital aspects of this large-scale project: the operation and maintenance manuals and technical fire strategy documents, in line with the “golden thread” Regulation 38 standards that will be introduced shortly. The company’s team anticipated that ensuring a high standard of work would be demanding, as the amount of information to collect and format in the eight weeks from the moment COGNICA was appointed was staggering. COGNICA, however, has built a reputation on delivering to tight deadlines and reformatting terabytes of data seamlessly. COGNICA planned ahead to allow teams enough time to complete the project. Initially, COGNICA had to correct mistakes made by the previous contractor, so decided to allocate work to two distinct teams. COGNICA dealt with a specialist consultant to ensure that Caddick could focus on other project components required as part of a sectional handover.

Working on the Digital Aspects

On a large scale project reformatting terabytes of data seamlessly

Providing a variety of documents

Including operation and maintenance manuals and technical fire strategy documents, in line with the “golden thread” Regulation 38 standards

Working to tight deadlines

Whilst maintaining standards of large volumes of data with specific formatting requirements

The Solution

COGNICA's specialised team worked efficiently and consistently to deliver the demanding project and to produce the manual. “COGNICA did not let us down on producing the documentation, which ensured that building control could issue its certificate,” said James Warwick, Caddick Construction.

“COGNICA enabled us to provide a slick, professional-looking operation and maintenance manual that impressed the client,” James continued. “This also enabled Caddick to focus on other project-related issues. The amount of time saved really did ensure that we achieved practical completion while also completing the legal documentation that COGNICA produced.”

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