Based in Swindon, just off junction 16 of the M4, COGNICA is a long established company providing comprehensive information management services.

COGNICA takes seriously the requirement to manage and deliver hand-over documentation. Whether your project is a high specification office, a water treatment works or a school we know you expect your information to be prepared in a professional manner.

Our mission is to ensure that documentation and information is both relevant and accurate, that it is delivered on-time and is easily accessible for project teams, building owners and operators.

At COGNICA it is recognised that every project is important and that individual customers will have specific information requirements. We allocate a dedicated project manager to each scheme to guarantee the best possible service.

COGNICA is proud to have established an impressive portfolio of customers. We work for the UK’s leading construction companies on a wide range of projects delivering nationwide. COGNICA also works directly for Clients, Owners and Operators of buildings.

Our History

In the late 1990s Severn Trent Water faced a growing number of operational and maintenance problems on its asset base. Many of its long service workforce were reaching retirement, and crucial local-knowledge of plant and procedures was being lost as a result. At the same time, the Operational and Maintenance (O&M) manuals were continuing to degrade, as pages became lost or damaged.

Severn Trent Water urgently required an efficient system for the management of such important data for its operational sites.

COGNICA proposed NaviGo, an electronic O&M manual system to manage Severn Trent Water’s information. All documentation was converted into, or obtained in, electronic format and entered into NaviGo. The documentation was organised in such a way that it could be related to specific assets or processes within the system.

COGNICA used this experience to offer practical information management services across a range of construction projects, adapting to the needs of each customer by listening to their requirements.

COGNICA has developed a first class team of project managers, a structured collation service and an online portal that successfully manages information directly from the project supply chain.

Our Core Beliefs

Integrity. Honesty and trust are essential to our business success

Understanding our customers. We strive to work with our customers – delivering individual solutions that are best for them.

Our employees. People are our company’s most valuable resource. Working as a team allows us all to play a part in success.

Change. We welcome change for the opportunities it offers.

Commitment. We commit to what we can achieve, we are open in our offerings and true to our word.

COGNICA has ISO9001 certification for collation and delivery of information and BSI Verification Certification to PAS 1192-2:2013 for BIM Level 2 delivery. COGNICA is a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and is registered with Builder’s Profile, Constructionline and Acclaim (SSIP scheme).

ISO9001-2015 Certificate

COGNICA Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales. Registered office address: Frankland Road, Blagrove, Swindon, Wiltshire SN5 8YF. Company registration number 3498533. VAT number GB 685 7405 96.

Meet some of our key team members

  • Mark Hitchmough
    Mark Hitchmough

    "The Boss"

    Areas of Expertise : Sales Management, Customer Relations, Requirement Analysis

    Joined in 1998

  • Trish Williams
    Trish Williams

    "Looking after the team"

    Areas of Expertise:
    Project Management, Personnel and Financial Control

    Joined in 1999

  • Alison Ainge
    Alison Ainge

    "Managing our development"

    Areas of Expertise :
    Business Analysis, Systems Integration, management & development

    Joined in 2014

  • Niki Frost
    Niki Frost

    "Passionately delivering quality & projects"

    Areas of Expertise :
    Project Management, Contract Management, H&S and Quality Management, Graphic Design

    Joined in 1998

  • David Gillies
    Dave Gillies

    "Dedicated to working with Clients to improve delivery"

    Area of Expertise :
    Project Management, Technical Authoring, Customer Framework Management

    Joined in 1999

  • Scott Wichall
    Scott Wichall

    "Keeps our technology working"

    Areas of Expertise :
    Systems Management and Integration, IT Support and Network Security

    Joined in 1998

  • Lisa Benge
    Lisa Benge

    "Devoted to sales and our customers"

    Areas of Expertise :
    Sales and Lead Management, Customer Relations, Corporate Marketing

    Joined in 1999

  • Helen Hayes
    Helen Hayes

    "The friendly voice for the contractors"

    Area of Expertise :
    Project Assistance, Document Collation and Administration

    Joined in 2007

  • Stephen Thompson
    Steve Thompson

    "Dedicated to project management"

    Areas of Expertise :
    Project Management and Assistance, IT admin

    Joined in 2002

  • Clare Domm
    Clare Domm

    "Providing excellent support to our customers"

    Areas of Expertise :
    Project Management and Assistance

    Joined in 2008

  • Steve Cox
    Steve Cox

    "Providing customer focused project management"

    Areas of Expertise:
    Project Management and Assistance

    Joined in 2014

  • Christie Miller
    Christie Miller

    "Has project management covered"

    Areas of Expertise:
    Project Management and Assistance

    Joined in 2015

  • David Evans
    Dave Evans

    "Keeps an eye on the details and makes great coffee"

    Areas of Expertise:
    Customer relations, statistical analysis, project management and process design

    Joined in 2015

  • EynonD-BW
    Darryl Eynon

    "Writes the instructions people need to read"

    Areas of Expertise:
    Technical authoring, data collation and document control

    Joined 2017

  • JenBW
    Jen Barrett

    "A passion for Project Delivery, shopping & sweets"

    Areas of Expertise:
    Customer Service, Project Management and Coordination

    Joined in 2017

  • KaiBW
    Kai Connor

    "Customer focused with great attention to detail"

    Areas of Expertise:
    Project Management and Coordination

    Joined in 2017

  • BolandJ-BW
    Jenny Boland

    "Always striving to exceed customer expectations"

    Areas of Expertise:
    Experience in Project Management and Customer Service, a focused projects team member

    Joined in 2017